ACME ArtBOARD #3: Giovanni Rossi

ACME ArtBOARD is a column created to bring the public closer and provide a new approach to contemporary art, involving young and emerging artists who, by telling each other about themselves, reveal their personal way of being Artists.

The medium used is a moodboard, a series of images joined together as in a collage that show in a visual format a project and all the elements related to it, anticipated by a short interview.

The artists have made themselves known starting from their studies and arriving to their future aspirations, creating a composition in which their creative ideas, the materials related to them and the tools of doing are shown. Each artist interprets the moodboard in an original and unique way, providing the reader with new scenarios useful to understand the meaning of being an Artist at 360 degrees.


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This month’s episode is dedicated to Giovanni Rossi.

Giovanni Rossi Icona MG.2
Giovanni Rossi, Icona MG.2, 2019, silver foil and oil color, 22x19 cm. Courtesy the artist

ACME – What motivated you and why to start your studies/career as an artist?

GR Since I was a child, my inclination towards art has always been apparent both to my eyes and to those of the people around me, from my family to my teachers, who accompanied me in the definition of my educational path and its recognition. I choose to study at the artistic high school in Brescia, my hometown, a place particularly significant for me and still today provides an important stimulus to my artistic production. The relationships I have built in this city over the years represent for me an indispensable heritage for my personal and artistic maturity. For all these reasons I chose to continue my studies at the Academy of Fine Arts SantaGiulia in Brescia, having clear that art represented an essential element for my existence.


ACME – What are your aspirations for the future?

GR – Thinking about tomorrow will surely be very difficult because of the uncertainties we are living now, in the era that we can storicize with the term Post-Covid. I hope to continue to deepen my work with more maturity and awareness. I would be really stimulating to be able to find a gallery interested in my research, but above all a gallery owner who could invest and recognize the urgency of my work, aware that the artist is not only the one who creates works but also has a social responsibility: to build and protect culture. Therefore I feel the additional need to be supported by curators, collectors and intellectuals that share this particular sensitivity with me.

Giovanni Rossi Errore di prospettiva
Giovanni Rossi, Errore di prospettiva, 2019, monstrance and Pan di Stelle biscuit, 58x16x13 cm. Courtesy the artist
Giovanni Rossi Deposizione II
Giovanni Rossi, Deposizione II, 2019, egg and golden brambles, variable dimensions. Courtesy the artist


There are no other images that perfectly summarize my work as an artist than the disarming and everyday simplicity of the sky. An Infinite space, that contains everything, that towers over us but doesn’t crush us, that invites us to reflect on the concept of limit and overcoming. A place that recalls us without saying a word to those great questions of meaning that inhabit the human heart and that are the testimony of the universality of the religious sense. My research investigates the themes of the visible and the invisible, of the image and its abstraction, inviting the man of today to a renewed dialogue with the spiritual dimension. 

The encounter between the work and the public is sustained by the vision that generates the need for silence; A moment of contemplation, of inner recollection, where the temporal dimension becomes suspended and eternal, as in the works of Ettore Spalletti and Yves Klein.

The blue color of the sky, with its infinite variations, is a constant element in my production. It represents not only a chromatic presence, but a presence full of meaning. As the philosopher Elio Franzini writes, blue represents: «truth, wisdom, peace, contemplation, the unification of sky and sea, the color of infinite space, which, being vast, can contain everything. Blue is the invisible that becomes visible». In the same way I choose white, a color that evokes the suspension of thought and matter. This dye is commonly considered as the combination of all colors, once again the sum of the All.

Accompanying the image to the poetry of Montale, wants to highlight the process of genesis of my thought: the choice of the word is often the source of my creative action. My visual language is translated through environmental installations, pictorial compositions, ready-made sculptures and photographic works. There are no essential materials or tools necessary to create, because every object, even the most ordinary, can find a new dimension of meaning, through a vision capable of looking the beyond.

Moodboard Giovanni Rossi
Giovanni Rossi's Moodboard

Giovanni Rossi

Giovanni Rossi was born in 1996 in Brescia, where he lives and works. He obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Sculpture at the SantaGiulia Academy of Fine Arts in Brescia. He is currently attending the Contemporary Visual Arts Master degree course at the same Academy. In 2019 he was recommended by the SantaGiulia Academy of Fine Arts, among all students, to take part in the AccadeMibac competition organized by MiBACT, in collaboration with the Quadriennale in Rome, to promote young Italian artists. He is among the finalists of the Paolo VI Prize promoted by the Collezione Paolo VI in Concesio (Brescia). In 2020 he collaborated with the Auc Art auction house, specialising in emerging art. In the same year he was selected for the Palazzo Monti Degree Show in Brescia.