ACME ArtBOARD #6: Valentina Regola

Valentina Regola, Come se la neve si potesse congelare, 2021
Valentina Regola, Come se la neve si potesse congelare, 2021, detail, glass sphere, wooden base, plastic flowers and artificial snow, 15x15 cm. Courtesy the artist

ACME ArtBOARD is a column created to bring the public closer and provide a new approach to contemporary art, involving young and emerging artists who, by telling each other about themselves, reveal their personal way of being Artists.

The medium used is a moodboard, a series of images joined together as in a collage that show in a visual format a project and all the elements related to it, anticipated by a short interview.

The artists have made themselves known starting from their studies and arriving to their future aspirations, creating a composition in which their creative ideas, the materials related to them and the tools of doing are shown. Each artist interprets the moodboard in an original and unique way, providing the reader with new scenarios useful to understand the meaning of being an Artist at 360 degrees.


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This year’s second appointment is with Valentina Regola.

ACME – What motivated you and why to start your studies/career as an artist?

VR – Since I was a child I have always tried to describe the world through my eyes. Almost never was it entirely truthful, I would extrapolate what appeared to me and modify it with my imagination, always bringing it back through drawing or sculpture. Only when I expressed myself through practice I felt completely at ease.

I never felt that I belonged to anything in particular, to a place or a moment, and although I didn’t know it at the time, art would allow me for the first time to feel free, to be able to express concretely what I was never able to say with words.

At a young age, I enrolled at the Liceo Artistico Maffeo Olivieri in Brescia and I began to understand what it really meant to produce works. Later, I continued my path at the Academy of Fine Arts SantaGiulia, where I found people who guided me, making me understand that in art I could find the place that I had been looking for so long, but that unconsciously has always been part of me.

ACME – What are your aspirations for the future?

VR – Over the past few years we have been under great strain and lack of relationships due to the health emergency. One of my future aspirations is definitely to seek serenity. I have decided to take a new path in my daily life, but especially through art, just to be able to find the balance lost for some time now. I will continue to produce works that allow to still have an intense contact with people and can give a bit of lightness. My next project will be to open myself to the public with a series of new works, which I hope will amaze and cheer the viewer from a period of alienation and only darkness.

Valentina Regola, Una foglia di candelabro (Anticariati), 2021, iron candleholder, candle, pyrograph and white acrylic, 75x22 cm and Una cornice che apparentemente mente, (Anticariati), 2021, frame, pyrograph and white acrylic, 25x17 cm. Courtesy the artist. © Fabio Botti (Foto Simonetti)
Valentina Regola, Trappist-1 (V2), 2022
Valentina Regola, Trappist-1 (V2), 2022, terracotta vase, matt white spray paint, decorative finish with metallic effect and gold permanent marker, 60x50x35 cm. Courtesy the artist. © Fabio Botti (Foto Simonetti)


I particularly love to stop and observe the works of Lucio Fontana. Priceless masterpieces that always tell more than what they appear. Specifically, among his works, I have always been fascinated by the Black Light Spatial Environment. The artist has created a place where people enter and embark on a journey. The first people who were able to visit the work said, with immense amazement, that Fontana had succeeded in taking them to the moon. What attracts me most about this work is precisely the reaction that it manages to trigger in the public: finding that magic that people sometimes forget they want.

Through the images that I selected for this moodboard, I show my poetics and what led me to the creation of the works, in which I tell forgotten stories, dreams and fantasies. Inspired by my childhood, I felt the need to release that carefree attitude, that becoming adults we try to repress more and more. With what I produce I would like to be able to remind people that there is not only what appears concretely to our eyes, but there is also something else that can be seen if only we let ourselves be amazed. Beauty is in the little things: in colors, in flowers, in observing the sky, you just need to know how to look.

Part of my research is also to investigate unknown realities, which hover between our everyday life and the unimaginable: such as the study of celestial bodies of which we have only little data, but with the help of imagination can be completed and reconstructed. In this path I want to tell about infinite skies that hide as many mysteries, travel through the past stories to create new ones and observe how people react to this naive but concrete approach in our time.

My need is to go towards the beyond, because I too, like Lucio Fontana, want to allow my user to have his head in the clouds for a moment, but with his feet firmly anchored to the ground.

Valentina Regola's Moodboard
Valentina Regola's Moodboard

Valentina Regola

Valentina Regola born in Brescia, 1995. Lives and works in the same city. She
graduated with her first three-years degree on Sculpture and two-years
specialist course in Contemporary Visual Arts at the Accademia di Belle Arti
SantaGiulia in Brescia.

The artist’s research new realities to accompany the viewer to travel with
imagination through installation, photography and various performative
practices aimed at involving the public. Often, she expresses herself using
recycled materials and salvaged furniture, in order to restore a history to what
has been abandoned.

The viewer is accompanied within the narration of a reality. It is thus showed to
him the evident ingenuity of the work, up to lead him into the most hidden of
parallel universes and imaginary tales linked to a semblance of terrestrial daily