ACME Art Lab
Curatorial group & more!


ACME Art Lab born in 2018 from an idea by Alessia Belotti, Melania Raimondi and Camilla Remondina. 

ACME Art Lab is a curatorial group aimed at enhancing and disseminating contemporary art through exhibition projects, performances, educational workshops, conferences and other artistic events, highlighting emerging and/or little-known artists.

The curatorial group inaugurated its activites in March 2019 with three exhibitions, Contaminazioni, curated by Alessia Belotti, Bunker, Brescia, Geminantis, curated by Melania Raimondi and Transient, curated by Camilla Remondina, Spazio contemporanea, Brescia, involving four international level artists which dialogued in Brescia for the first time: Francesca Pasquali, Laura Renna, Silvia Inselvini and Antonio Scaccabarozzi.

Recent activities include: curators of two exhibitions of Meccaniche della Meraviglia 14, Brescia and Puegnago del Garda (September – October 2020); exhibition GestoZero. Istantanee 2020, Museo della Città Santa Giulia, Brescia (August – September 2020); educational workshop Not ordinary night for not ordinary people designed in collaborazione with FPA Francesca Pasquali Archive and part of ART CITY Segnala 2020 on the occasion of Arte Fiera, at Ersel SIM S.p.A., Bologna, Italy (January 2020); assistance at curatorship and educational workshops for the exhibition  Africa Now at MO.CA – MorettoCavour, Brescia, Italy, curated by Gianvirgilio Cugini and Albano Morandi, with three overbooked workshops and two dance performances sold out (November 2019 – January 2020).


ACME in the dictionary is defined as “culminating point, moment of greatest splendor, productivity, prosperity (of a civilization, of a nation, or even of a person)”.

ACME is the imaginary factory in the Looney Tunes universe.

ACME derives from the Greek ακμή which means excellence.

ACME is an acronym used in the ’20s by American companies to appear on the first pages of the phone book and meant: A Company Making Everything.

We are ACME. A is Alessia, C is Camilla and ME is Melania.