Camilla Remondina
Curator and administration manager


Born in 1995, Camilla Remondina is a curator who pays special attention to the average visitors.

Her projects want to make the common visitor feels at ease in museums, bringing them out of their conventional location in order to put them in contact with everyday life, to achieve this goal the curator chooses immersive and/or multi-sensory installations able to involve the audience.

In 2018 she founded the curatorial team ACME Art Lab with Alessia Belotti and Melania Raimondi, aimed at enhancing and disseminating contemporary art through exhibition projects, performances, educational workshops, conferences and other artistic events, highlighting emerging and/or little-known artists. Since 2017 he has been actively collaborating and taking care of the Scientific Secretariat of the Antonio Scaccabarozzi Archive (Milan, Italy).

Among the recent activities is drawn attention to: Transient (2019), Antonio Scaccabarozzi’s solo show, at spazio contemporanea in Brescia (Italy), included in Meccaniche della Meraviglia 13 (March-April 2019), an event with the purpose of making impregnable locations in Brescia open to the public.

Camilla has a degree in Art Education for Museums and a Master Degree in Communication and Art Education at the “SantaGiulia” Fine Arts Academy in Brescia (Italy).