03.24.2019 Educational workshop “Identità nascoste”

Educational workshop for adults Identità nascoste [Hidden identities], designed and conducted by the ACME Art Lab team, in relationship to the exhibition Geminantis, bi-personal with Laura Renna and Silvia Inselvini.

The workshop, by reservation, took place on Sunday 24 March 2019 at 4 pm at Spazio contemporanea, in corsetto Sant’Agata 22, Brescia (Italy).

The workshop is aimed at:

  • approaching Laura Renna’s and Silvia Inselvini’s procedural works through the concepts of method, reiteration and weave of different techniques and materials;
  • working on identity developing a self-portrait based on the artists’ creative processes and interpreting themselves using them;
  • approaching to the idea of method intrinsic to the poetics of the artists adding
    approcciarsi all’idea di metodicità intrinseca alla poetica delle artiste adding the rule as the prerogative of the work you will be setting up;
  • crossing the line of the “I can’t draw“, that often make to lose confidence in who approaches to art, demonstrating that everyone can express himself through it.

The exhibition

Geminantis intends to focus on the artist’s identity and on the importance of the idea and process that lead to the birth of the work of art. The artwork is the final result of a mental and physical process kept hidden from the observer and often jealously kept secret like a intimate and personal ritual that the artist undertakes to express himself and his way to relate to the outside. This will match a performance, an element that fully embody what the project wants to propose.
The exhibition project involves two artists that work on this theme: Laura Renna and Silvia Inselvini. Among the works displayed Horizon by Laura Renna, work that was specially made for the Shenzhen Biennale 2018 is presented for the first time in Italy, and Notturni by Silvia Inselvini, from Brescia (Italy), which precisely reflect on the themes of reiteration, repetition of the gesture and artistic ritual.

Sponsored by the Municipality of Brescia.