01.25-26.2020 Not ordinary night for not ordinary people | Arte Fiera

Not ordinary night for not ordinary people is a participatory installation designed as a laboratory non-stop for the exhibition Francesca Pasquali. Not ordinary place, an event that is part of ART CITY Segnala 2020 in the occasion of Arte Fiera.

From morning to night on Saturday 25 January, during the ART CITY White Night 2020, and also on the entire day of Sunday 26 January, the public will be able to create a collective work of art which recalls the Francesca Pasquali works present on site, in particular Frappe series.
With a simple gesture, the visitor will become co-author of an art installation, precisely born from sharing and involvement of all the participants, which will cover the whole wall of the Ersel meeting room.

Curated by ACME Art Lab in collaboration with Francesca Pasquali Archive – FPA.