Tana libera tutti | Africa Now

TANA LIBERA TUTTI – Un’avventura nel colore per piccoli esploratori [OLLY OLLY OXEN FREE – An adventure in color for little explorers] is a sensorial path, dedicated to the youngest (0-3 years old), designed by Artinido – asilo nido e atelier dei bambini, in collaboration with MO.CA – MorettoCavour and ACME Art Lab, on the occasion of the Africa Now exhibition, section of the project Hic sunt leones. Percorsi nell’arte africana, dal rito al mito [Hic sunt leones. Paths in African art, from the rite to the myth].

This den is conceived like an immersive installation where children can freely explore the different spaces. Each area is characterized by interaction with different materials, forms and colors that together make up a complex landscape which reflects the liveliness of the African continent.
Here, on a black background, the colors and forms are freed, exploded, bounced, creating multi sensorial spaces in which to venture:

  • Bright safari where hunt out the animals.
  • Colourful savannahs to cross.
  • Soft nests to hide.
  • Miniature tribes to animate.
  • Big woven stones to be rolled.
  • Colourful oasis to build.

The workshop took place on: 20, 27 November and 4, 11, 18, 20, 21 December 2019.

Curated by Artinido, in collaboration with ACME Art Lab.