Valery Franzelli, Serena Nicolì, Valentina Regola. /biàn•co/

Curated by Melania Raimondi and Camilla Remondina

Fondazione l’Arsenale, Iseo (Brescia)
vicolo Malinconia 2, Iseo

From January 22 to February 27, 2022
Opening > January 22, 11:30 am

On January 22, 2022, the Arsenale in Iseo will inaugurate the group show that brings together three emerging contemporary artists who work mainly in the Brescia area, where they were trained: Valery Franzelli (Chiari, 1998), Serena Nicolì (Varese, 1985) and Valentina Regola (Brescia, 1995).
From the very title it is clear that the exhibition /biàn•co/, curated by Melania Raimondi and Camilla Remondina, deals with the themes of the use and symbolism of the color white and, at the same time, with the importance of the word as a means of conveying thoughts and emotions.

Since ancient times, crossing different places, cultures and religions, this color has brought with it various opposing meanings both positive and negative, from mourning to birth, from emptiness to opportunity. In Eastern philosophy, white, and therefore emptiness, is considered a space full of possibilities, a blank canvas ready to show the immaterial essence of things through aesthetic, spiritual and sensory experience, while in Western culture it is associated with nothingness, also becoming a source of anguish, an obstacle not unlike the blank page syndrome.

Another theme that binds and makes similar the three emerging artists is the careful use of the word, researched and chosen with care as if it were a real poetic composition, within their works, for this reason each work on display is accompanied by a short composition that evokes emotions and partially suggests a possible interpretation of the work, however, leaving the viewer the freedom to be carried away by their own thoughts.

This exhibition is part of the period that the Fondazione l’Arsenale wants to dedicate every year to young contemporary artists, curated by Melania Raimondi and Camilla Remondina (ACME Art Lab).